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Mathematical Association of Tasmania

Welcome to the website of the Mathematical Association of Tasmania. This site contains valuable information for teachers of mathematics from Kindergarten to year 12, and for anyone interested in mathematics in Tasmania.

The Mathematical Association of Tasmania (MAT) was founded in 1961 and is a non-profit organisation supporting Mathematics Teachers from K-12. MAT aims to link teachers through association activities, our annual conference, and regular communication. Through our activities and services we aim to promote mathematics education and support teachers in engaging their students in the learning of mathematics.

MAT is an affiliate of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) and also of The Network of Education Associations in Tasmania (NEAT).


The Mathematical Association of Tasmania (MAT) will be holding its annual relay competitions for schools and colleges on
Sunday August 24, 2014
Entries to be registered by COB Friday 8th August via links below
Cost:  $15 per team for members
           $25 per team for non member schools
Please enter your school by following the corresponding link below


Entries close on Friday 8th August 2014 and will NOT be available on the day of competition. Entries may be accepted after this date, by special request, by contacting the Relay Coordinator by email All entries received will be sent a confirmation email.

Thank you
Lauren Beams
Trevallyn Primary School
63 31 9657


Membership 2014

Please click on the link below to to register online


Peter Sullivan presented professional learning days in 2013 entitled "The potential of posing more challenging mathematics tasks and ways of supporting students to engage in such tasks"

While most students want to work on more challenging mathematics, there are still some who require substantial support. The workshop explored examples of tasks with low "floors" but high "ceilings" that allow all students to engage with the tasks at some level, but which can be extended productively for those who are ready. A particular lesson structure that supports the work of all students on such tasks was presented and discussed. 

To view his presentation, please click on the link below



  • Join in National Literacy and Numeracy Week (NLNW) and celebrate numeracy at your school in 2014. The numeracy activity Reach for the Stars this year will have the theme of water!
  • The Connect with Maths ~ Early Years learning in Mathematics is here                                           
  • Join the new Connect with Maths’ online community to collaborate, share and learn about mathematics for the Early Years.
  • AAMT has just released Top Drawer Teachers which contains loads of resources for teachers.  It comprises a series of "drawers" on topics teachers may find challenging in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum (the idea being that we keep things that we want handy in the top drawer!!). The contents of each drawer were written by leading groups of academics. Go to
  • There is now an online community attached to Scootle. You can join and connect with teachers across the country, ask questions and share ideas.  To join go to Scootle and then click on the community link. Once you join you can search for networks to join (e.g. Maths F-10, iPad users etc) or establish your own. Its a cross between Facebook and Twitter.


Recent Events

  •  National Mathematics Day: There are some great classroom tasks and ideas available by clicking the link: Activities





  Proudly an affiliated association of the
 Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers