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Solving Problems with Maths!

Where do we use Maths in everyday life? How do Mathematicians use maths to solve problems? We will give students in Years 4 - 8 a taste of real-life mathematical problem solving via a series of workshops taking place on one afternoon. These will cover:

Problem 1:

Where am I, exactly?

You will use Mathematics to find where you are! You'll find some nearby geocaches too.

Problem 2:

How do flowers know how to grow?

You will learn about the pattern that flowers follow when they grow and you’ll create geometric art!

Problem 3:

How do we put large objects into Space?

You will learn about how origami folds have enabled us to send large objects into Space!

Problem 4:

How do machines send messages?

You will learn how to use binary, the code that is used by computers to send messages.


The Solving Problems with Maths day will take place on Sunday 30th July 2017 from 12:00noon - 4:00pm at Burnie High School. There are 60 places only (register to secure your place). The afternoon costs $15 per student and includes a pizza lunch for participating students.

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