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Solving Problems with Maths!

Where do we use Maths in everyday life? How do Mathematicians use maths to solve problems? This workshop gives students in Years 4 - 6 a taste of real-life mathematical problem solving via a series of mini-workshops that take place on one afternoon. The mini-workshops are:

Problem 1: Where am I, exactly?

You will use Mathematics to find where you are! You'll find some nearby geocaches too.

Problem 2: How do flowers know how to grow?

You will learn about the pattern that flowers follow when they grow and you’ll create geometric art!

Problem 3: How do we put large objects into Space?

You will learn about how origami folds have enabled us to send large objects into Space!

Problem 4: How do machines send messages?

You will learn how to use binary, the code that is used by computers to send messages.


After our very well-received Burnie student workshop, MAT is pleased to offer two additional workshops (one in Launceston and one in Hobart).

Launceston: Saturday 23rd September, 12:30pm - 4:30pm. REGISTER NOW: 

Hobart: Saturday 4th November, 12:30pm - 4:30pm (Hobart registration will be made available in the coming weeks)

The cost is $15 per student and includes a pizza lunch.

Due to presenter availability, there is an overall limit of 80 studentsRegistrations close at 11:30pm on Wednesday 20th September. This will allow us to plan for medical and dietary requirements.

The registration process is lengthy and is best completed by/with the child's parent. Please note that we cannot accept cash payments on the day; students MUST be registered via Eventbrite.

Organiser: Emily Peterson (, MAT Committee Member