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MAT Workshops 2020 (Online)

MAT is pleased to offer the following online workshops during Term 4, 2020. To register, go to Registration is FREE for MAT members (and AAMT members, i.e. members of interstate mathematical associations). To become a MAT member, which will include complimentary 2021 MAT membership, click here.



Thursday 29th Oct

3:15 – 4:30pm


Early Childhood + Primary

We can count on more than Frank: Using picture books to engage students in maths

Engaging children in mathematics through children’s literature has become increasingly popular. The benefits of integrating literature into mathematics lessons include its potential to motivate children, to help them learn mathematical concepts and skills, to provide them with a meaningful context for learning mathematics, and to facilitate the development and use of mathematical language and communication. Tracey will share some of her favourite picture books (including those that are not explicitly mathematical in nature) and demonstrate examples of mathematical concepts and activities that can be developed from the books.

Tracey Muir is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education at UTAS.

Thursday 29th Oct

3:20 – 4:30pm



Algebra Machines and Stories

Solving equations can be very doable, even fun! Make algebra simpler for your students by using one variable, box stories and a system of labelling that is clear and easy to use. This workshop explores material from the Australian Maths Trust’s chief mathematician, Mike Clapper, as well as Emily’s own resources and classroom experiences with teaching algebra.

Emily Peterson teaches mathematics at Riverside High School and is an assistant content developer for the Australian Maths Trust.

Thursday 5th Nov

3:20 – 4:30pm


10A + College

Archimedes: Visualising the Transformation Properties of Parabolas

There are sometimes very neat ways of tying together the isolated units that we teach in Mathematics. This presentation will use Archimede's work to tie together calculus, matrices and sequences and series and will also touch on ANU Extension and AMC competition problems. Participants will delve into a bit of ancient and modern history along the way, as well as using spreadsheets and coding to make the maths come alive for students.

Dr Chris Wetherell is a mathematics teacher in the Australian National University’s Extension program for senior secondary students and a senior mathematician with the Australian Maths Trust.




Thursday 12th November




(Yrs 3 – 6)

The Practice of Statistics: Digging into the data

The Practice of Statistics is a framework that can guide inquiry in the primary mathematics classroom. Its application promotes the teaching and learning of statistics and probability to be embedded within meaningful contexts and fosters the development of reasoning skills when students interpret graphical representations created from data they collect. This workshop will outline the framework and introduce strategies for students to use to interpret graphical representations when answering statistical questions. Examples of student work will be provided for participants to explore the possibilities.

Noleine Fitzallen is an Associate Professor in STEAM Education and lectures in Mathematics Education at La Trobe University.  

Thursday 12th Nov

3:20 – 4:30pm



Connections in Mathematics: The Case of Equation Solving

Algebra learning plays an important role for students in college level studies. Success in algebra has been an ongoing concern for researchers and teachers. Understanding in algebra involves an integration of skills that allows for flexible, adaptive, and appropriate use of mathematical procedures. Research shows students’ algebra learning can be enhanced through instructional practices that use and value mathematical connections. This webinar focuses on making connections in solving equations. The research literature on the development of flexibility in equation solving informs the webinar, and practical classroom examples are presented.

Vesife Hatisaru is a postdoctoral research fellow in mathematics education at UTAS. Her research addresses mathematical knowledge for teaching and students’ images of mathematics.


Thursday 19th Nov

3:20 – 4:30pm


Middle Years (Yrs 5 – 8)

Measurement and the Proficiency Strands

Through engagement with a collection of classroom-tested activities, this workshop aims to support your development of strategies for teaching measurement with understanding.


Bruce Duncan has been teaching at UTAS since 2011, after 25 years in primary and secondary classrooms. His focus is on pedagogy that supports understanding in mathematics and science.

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