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MAT Problem Solving Competition

For more than 40 years, the Mathematical Association of Tasmania has conducted the MAT Problem Solving Competition for Tasmanian students in Years 7 to 12. In 2018, MAT extended the competition to include students in Years 5 and 6. Through this Competition, some outstanding Mathematics students have been identified. For other students, the competition has sparked an interest in Mathematics. The event consists of a set of mathematical problems which aim to test the student’s logic. There are normally 8 - 12 questions for each of the four divisions: Primary (5/6), Junior (7/8), Intermediate (9/10) and Senior (11/12) which are undertaken within a 2-hour time frame (1.5 hours for Primary).

The cost is $8 per student ($5 per student for members - members have received a promo code via email).

The questions are designed to elicit mathematical thinking and may require students to apply their mathematical skills to topics outside of the standard curriculum or to link different topics of mathematics together which are traditionally taught separately. Each question may require some experimentation and different approaches before a student makes significant headway.

For each question, students need to explain their reasoning and show their working (using English as well as Mathematics as necessary) to gain full marks. A correct answer with little or no working will receive few marks. Students may not be able to complete all questions fully in the time frame but they will receive a better mark if they answer some questions very well rather than many questions poorly.


2021 Results


PRIMARY (Year 5/6) Name School
1st Emmett Skingle Bellerive Primary
2nd Angus Burch Lansdowne Crescent Primary
3rd Laura Richardson Triabunna District School
Merit Max Kearly Howrah Primary
JUNIOR (Year 7/8)    
1st Lucas Heng Launceston Church Grammar School
1st Lincoln Gialsi Scotch Oakburn College
3rd Isabel Adams The Friends' School
Merit Charlie Gregg The Friends' School
Merit Eden Sturdy Launceston Christian School
INTERMEDIATE (Year 9/10)  
1st Alex Rackham The Friends' School
2nd Miriam Reid The Friends' School
3rd Tom Petty  The Friends' School
Merit Ryan Jones Burnie High School
SENIOR (Year 11/12)    
1st Sophie Rackham The Friends' School
2nd Harry Furzer Scotch Oakburn College
3rd Alex Boxhall  The Friends' School
3rd Nick Yam St Patrick's College


2020 Results


PRIMARY (Year 5/6) Name School
1st Raena Iyer Bellerive Primary
2nd Tibby Herzfeld Margate Primary
3rd Romel Perera Lansdowne Crescent Primary
Merit Megumi Horie Blackmans Bay Primary
Merit Lily Ryton-Benson Collinsvale Primary
JUNIOR (Year 7/8)    
1st Priyanna Kumrai Dominic College
2nd Josh Chilcott Reece High School
3rd Keala Hayes Fahan School
3rd Charlie Gregg Friends School
Merit Isabel Adams Friends School
Merit Alexei Dean Parklands High School
Merit Jye Lowery Reece High School
Merit Jingji Zhen Devonport High School
INTERMEDIATE (Year 9/10)  
1st Oscar Breslin Dominic College
2nd Noah Oliver Dominic College
3rd Declan Ee Hutchins School
Merit Cassie McLoughlin Dominic College
Merit Andre Chua Friends School
SENIOR (Year 11/12)    
1st Andrew James Launceston Christian School
2nd Sophie Rackham Friends School
3rd Alex Boxall Friends School
3rd Imogen Viner Hobart College

2019 Results

PRIMARY (Year 5/6)      
1st Priyanna Kumrai Dominic College
2nd Charlie Gregg Friends School
3rd Ollie Moore Hutchins School
Outstanding Achievement Amy Ma Friends School
Outstanding Achievement Kevin Shen Landsdowne Crescent Primary
JUNIOR (Year 7/8)      
1st William  Rumley Hutchins School
2nd Nye Reeves Marist College
3rd Samuel  Roberts Hutchins School
Outstanding Achievement Caleb Poole LCC
Outstanding Achievement James Bolin Prospect High
INTERMEDIATE  (Year 9/10)    
1st Harry  Furzer Scotch Oakburn College
2nd Miles  Chilcott Launceston Church Grammar
3rd Will Coulson Launceston Church Grammar
Outstanding Achievement Hannah Goss Prospect High
Outstanding Achievement Amy  Byrom Penguin District High
Outstanding Achievement Harry  Breslin Dominic College
SENIOR  (Year 11/12)      
1st Andrew  James LCC
2nd Harry  Swan Launceston Church Grammar
3rd Joe  Wilson Rosny College

2018 Results

          PRIMARY - Years 5 & 6
1st Charlie Gregg The Friends' School
2nd Priyannika Kumrai Dominic College
3rd Penny Tassicker Somerset Primary School
          JUNIOR SECONDARY - Years 7 & 8
1st Oscar Breslin Dominic College
2nd Nicholas Apse Devonport High School
Equal 3rd Natalie Aitken Ogilvie High School
Equal 3rd Caleb Poole Launceston Christian School
          UPPER SECONDARY - Years 9 & 10
1st David James Launceston Christian School
2nd Andrew James Launceston Christian School
Equal 3rd Blake Appleby Dominic College
Equal 3rd Miles Chilcott Launceston Church Grammar School
          SENIOR SECONDARY - Years 11 & 12
1st Marcus Rees Hobart College
2nd Ho Yin Kam Rosny College
3rd Mark Stack Hobart College


2017 Results

1st Oscar Breslin Dominic College
Equal 2nd Harry Breslin Dominic College
Equal 2nd William Coulson Launceston Church Grammar School
Equal 2nd Miles Chilcott Launceston Church Grammar School
1st Harry Swan Launceston Church Grammar School
2nd Blake Appleby Dominic College
Equal 3rd Nikita Lane Dominic College
Equal 3rd Andrew James Launceston Christian School
Equal 3rd Jasmin Poole Launceston Christian School
1st Sophie Burgess Launceston College
2nd Keziah Dilger Rosny College
3rd Molly Deng Launceston College