Australian Curriculum Focused Sites

"Maths Sites Worth Visiting" downloadable PDF: 


AAMT Top Drawer

A resource with support for fractions; mental computation; geometric reasoning; patterns; reasoning; and statistics.


ABC Education!/resources/-/mathematics

Thousands of free educational learning resources, videos, games, multi-media digibooks and articles for P – 10, all aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


Australian Curriculum Framework: Mathematics

The source of Curriculum descriptions and sequence of learning per year level.


Money Smart teaching resources (ASIC)

Each unit of work and digital activity has an Australian Curriculum mapping document.



Searchable tasks (F-10) with a focus on reasoning and problem-solving.


Scootle (Mathematics)

Quality assured, free resources linked directly to each strand within the Australian Curriculum Framework: Mathematics.


TES Australia

Contains a variety of teacher-generated resources, including resources with links to the Australian Curriculum Framework.


Australian State-based Education Resources

FUSE Primary (Victoria)


FUSE Secondary (Victoria)


NSW: Resources to support Stages 1 to 3



NSW: Resources to support Stages 4 and 5


Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

The QCAA provides a suite of resources to support teachers of years P – 10.


South Australian Teachers and Leaders Resource

The South Australian Teachers and Leaders Resource site has a great set of ideas and resources to look through.


International Sites

NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) (UK)

Excellent resources for teaching for mastery.


NCTM Illuminations (US)

Online, interactive resources for learners and educators to use; searchable and organised by year level and strand of Mathematics.



Free, online mathematics resources for ages covering all stages of schooling. The activities are ‘low threshold, high ceiling’ with a focus on developing problem solving and they encourage exploration and discussion.


NZ Maths

Well-organised and a great resource for problem solving.


Problem Solving by Visualisation

Convince Me That (US)

A series of PowerPoint slides with a provocation per slide (K – 10).


Estimation 180

Activities to support measurement estimation.




Math for Love (US)

A range of engaging challenges and games-based learning opportunities (K – 10)


Math Talks (also includes Pattern Talks)

A series of provocations with examples of students’ responses – some correct, others with misconceptions – which are very good discussion starters (4 - 10).


Open-Middle (US)

A series of searchable tasks in strands, many using the 0 – 9 digits in challenges.  All have multiple solutions (K – 12).


Same Surface, Different Deep Structure (SSDD) (US)

Searchable problems with a gentle entry problem and then associated, more demanding aspects explored (5 - 12).


Think Mathematically

A resource by Mark Chubb with great sets of ideas and activities. (US)

A set of pattern-growth problems, which are great for thinking algebraically, particularly to continue patterns and find rules (K – 10).


Which One Doesn’t Belong (US)

Sets of 4 visuals where the learner must give a reason why each doesn’t belong to the set (P – 12).


Would You Rather (US)

Choose between two provocations and decide mathematically which is best (P – 10).


Technology Focussed Sites


Calculator technology and classroom resources.




Significant teaching resources and access to powerful graphing software.



Graphing capabilities and many dynamic simulations.


Texas Instruments

Lots of teacher and student support.


Virtual Manipulatives

Coin Toss


Dice (4-sided to 20-sided)


Isometric Drawing Tool



Pattern Blocks


Playing Cards






Various Tools from Toy Theatre


Subscription Required Sites (With Fees)

Maths 300

An excellent set of stimulating lessons worth talking about! Australian made.

Mathematics Task Centre

From the developers of many of the Maths 300 suite.


Sites with Tasks and Philosophy

Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) (AUS)

The Sandpit is a set of challenging problems for Years 3 – 12 that are freely available as are some other resources from the AMT. Others, such as the Maths Challenge, Maths Enrichment or the annual Australian Mathematics Competition have a cost.


Dr Paul Swan (WA Maths Educator)

Lots of really good games and activities.


Math for Love (US)

Range of engaging challenges and many games-based learning opportunities (K – 10).


Mathematics Task Centre: Maths at Home Support

A great site that has been developed to support home learning from the people who brought us Maths 300 – Doug Williams and Charlie Lovatt. It features free tasks from the extensive Mathematics Task Centre Suite.


Peter Liljedahl

Building thinking classrooms and using vertical whiteboards.



SiMERR provides resources for educators, including the successful Quick Smart program.


YouCubed (US)

Home of Jo Boaler, famous for her work on a Maths growth mindset. Many engaging tasks organised in Year levels (P – 10).



Mathematical Associations (Australia)

Australia’s mathematical associations provide quality professional learning and resources for mathematics teachers and engaging activities for students.


Australian Association of Mathematics Teacher (AAMT)

If you are a member of MAT, you are also by default a member of AAMT. This means that you have access to discounts on their webshop resources and to your choice of (one of, for individual members) their journals. You will also receive member discounts for AAMT’s professional learning.

There are also some excellent AAMT Mathematics communities, including:

Early Years in Learning -

Make it Count with Indigenous Learners -

Maths in Action -


Canberra Mathematical Association (CMA)


Mathematical Association of New South Wales (MANSW)


Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA)


Mathematical Association of Tasmania (MAT)


Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV)


Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA)


Mathematics Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory (MTANT)


Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT)


MAT is also an affiliate of the Network of Education Associations of Tasmania




"Maths Sites Worth Visiting" downloadable PDF: