M. L. Urquhart Mathematics Competition

In 2021, the M. L. Urquhart Mathematics Competition will run from 11 - 15 October. 

The M. L. Urquhart Mathematics Competition is an annual problem solving competition for Tasmanian students in Years 11 and 12. This Competition is the most mathematically demanding of competitions conducted by the Association. Students have three hours in which to attempt five questions. The winner of the Competition receives the Urquhart Medal, a framed certificate and prize money. Certificates and prize money are also awarded to students deserving of an Honourable Mention.

It is free to enter the M. L. Urquhart Mathematics Competition. Competition information, including competition papers, is distributed by Mr. David Coulson (DCoulson@lcgs.tas.edu.au). Registrations are restricted to up to three students per college. 


2020 Winner

Andrew Walters (Hobart College)


2019 Winner

Imogen Viner (Hobart College)


M. L. Urquhart

The competition is named in honour of the late M. L. (Mac) Urquhart, who lectured in mathematics at the University of Tasmania from 1947 to 1966. In 1960 he founded and became the first president of the Mathematical Association of Tasmania. MAT’s logo includes a Euclidean geometry result widely known as Urquhart’s Theorem. Urquhart discovered the theorem himself in 1964 but was not the first to do so. He succeeded in proving it but did not publish his proof.